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Justice League Film Contest Results

(DC/Warner Bros.)     In preparation for the upcoming highly anticipated Justice League film we are proud to present Supernatural-Entertainment’s Fall contest of 2017. The contest is very simple. Please submit an email with your full name and email address along with city, state and country where you reside. You will need to answer the  Read More »

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The Flash: Will the Black Flash Return

(CW/DC/Warner Bros.)   The CW’s and DC’s fastest man alive is about to return for its third season and its about to break wide open. The end of Season 2 earlier this year left viewers and fans speechless with the twists and surprises, many of which contributed to the Flashpoint story arc. Barry’s selfish move  Read More »

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The Flash and Supergirl Crossover Event

(DC/CW)     The Flash is speeding to National City! THE FLASH star Grant Gustin, in his role of Barry Allen/The Flash, will cross over to the SUPERGIRL camp joining forces with Melissa Benoist in an episode to be broadcast Monday, March 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Details of the episode  Read More »

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Kevin Smith meet the Flash

(DC/CW)     The CW has been in the drivers seat for DC’s TV Universe for the last few years. With the networks freshman series Arrow building success rapidly it only made sense to introduce another member of the DC family, and what better character than the scarlet speedster Barry Allen/Flash. Ironically Barry and Oliver  Read More »

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The Flash – Season 2 – Ep. 1 Review

(CW)     Season Two kicked things off rather quickly not shying away from action. First we see Barry fighting and defeating the notorious villain duo Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Then he whips back to S.T.A.R. Labs where he is met with celebratory high fives and loving admiration by his team mates. Dr. Wells  Read More »

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The Flash – Season 2 – Sneak Peak

(The CW)     Season 2 of CW’s The Flash is just days away from its premiere. The trailer/TV commercials have been running often throughout numerous program stations including the CW for the past several weeks. Season 1 turned out to be an amazing season for the broadcast company and was well received by critics  Read More »

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The Flash – Season 2

(The CW)     The Flash and ARROW season premiers are both a couple weeks away and we’ve seen several promotional bits via online and season TV trailers all full of intrigue and anticipation. Both ARROW and The Flash will be introducing several new characters in each respective arena. The biggest surprise for fans was  Read More »

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Arrow and The Flash

(Warner Bros./DC/The CW)   With the success of CW’s hit series Arrow just finishing season 2 before the summer began the station and producers have confirmed another season (this makes it 3) and production is likely underway and has been for some time I would imagine. A spin off to the hit series Arrow titled  Read More »

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