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Hot Toys: Suicide Squad Batman Premium Figure

(DC/Warner Bros.)     DC/Warner Brother’s latest supervillain team up Suicide Squad turned out to be a box office hit last year despite the mixed/negative reviews. The team’s main characters each had significant roles in the film, for the most part, while other characters such as The Joker could have used more screen time to  Read More »

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Suicide Squad Opening Weekend

(DC/Warner Bros.)     Suicide Squad or Task Force X made their live action debut on screen this week looking to score $140 million on its opening weekend. Thursday evening pulling in $20 million domestically from preview screenings. Friday night screenings raked in a gross of $65.1 million – includes dollars from Thursday’s screenings per  Read More »

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Suicide Squad Wraps Final Shoots

(DC/Warner Bros.)     Warner Bros./DC officially kicked off their Movie Extended Universe with this years Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though the reception from fans and critics have been divided executives are determined to move thing forward and continue to expand their superhero franchise. The year’s second film for the entertainment partners  Read More »

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Suicide Squad: Sequels and Spin Offs

(DC/Warner Bros.)     It is fairly obvious that this is the era of Comic Book/Superhero Movies. Since the success of Marvel’s Ironman and the assembly of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – The Avengers, the movie industry has seen actors/actresses that sign onto a film playing a significant role will more than likely sign for  Read More »

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Suicide Squad: Additional filming mean More Batman?

(DC/Warner Bros.)     Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has made an impact on the film and comic book industry in more ways than one. Film critics and fans alike have expressed their feelings towards DC’s introduction to their Extended Universe. The negative word of mouth has obviously made an impact on the films  Read More »

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Suicide Squad

(Warner Bro./DC)     Back in February of 209 Warner Brothers were developing a Suicide Squad film and signed on David Ayer to direct the film back in September of 2014. Things began to move rarely quickly. With the script in good hands of Justin Marks the concentration turned to casting. Ayer told Empire Online  Read More »

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