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Spider-Man Sequel Takes Place After Avengers 4

(Marvel/Disney)     The most recent plan sets up Avengers 4 to bookend the current MCU – with Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 picking up where the latest Avengers film leaves off. Homecoming is considered a major landmark within the MCU and pushes Marvel’s most iconic superhero back into the spotlight once again. The film’s planned success will  Read More »

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Spider-Man: He’s Got the Look

(Sony/Marvel/Disney)     Sony and Marvel/Disney have come together to bring us the latest version of our favorite web slinger Spider-Man. It has been a long and rather arduous event to get to this point. Sony was under scrutiny from the notorious hack and for various other reasons. Many were certain that the future of  Read More »

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Sony: Spider-Man spinoff – Venom – propels again

(Sony/Marvel/Disney)     It has well over a year since Sony suffered a massive attack on it’s security unveiling vital and private information. Several projects at Sony were unintentionally (by Sony) spoiled and completely destroyed for an undetermined time or altogether. One of Sony’s iconic franchise’s/projects is Spiderman which was in it’s early stages of  Read More »

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