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Killjoys and Dark Matter Season 2

(Syfy)     Syfy continues to up the anti with their Original Sci-Fi Series. Two of their more recent OG series Killjoys and Dark Matter return for their sophomore season. Killjoys is a sexy, rocking intergalactic journey and battle between a team of highly skilled bounty hunters who are immersed into a bloody interplanetary war  Read More »

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Killjoys – Episode 1 – Review

(Syfy)     Killjoys is Syfy’s third science fiction series to air this season next to Defiance which is in there third season and the new show Dark Matter which debuted last week. Killjoys began the first scene with interplanetary warrant wranglers Jonny Jaquosis (Arron Ashmore – Warehouse 13, Smallville) and the sexy take charge  Read More »

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(SyFy)   What’s great about science fiction is the rich mythology that takes you into a completely different, new, and exciting world. Killjoys, which premieres June 19 at 9/8c if you haven’t already set your DVR, has more world-building than Minecraft and Roller Coaster Tycoon combined. Don’t worry, the rollercoasters are along for the ride,  Read More »

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