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Justice League Film Final Trailer

(DC/Warner Bros.)     DC and Warner Bros. latest film Justice League is about to hit theatres in just over a month. The Justice League will unite six heroes we firmly know of to save mankind from a threat that is capable of ending what we call life on earth as we know it. The  Read More »

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Justice League Film Trailer #2 Rumors

(DC/Warner Bros.)     The latest from the Warner Bros./DC Rumor mill comes to us via Reddit’s sub community, r/DCEUleaks, where a user claims to have details on the next or second official Justice League trailer.   Those of us who are up to date with the WB/DC films (starting with Man of Steel) know  Read More »

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Justice League Film Official Trailer

(DC/Warner Bros.)     Warner Bros. and DC officially released character teasers for the Justice League live action film earlier in the week. The official posters all tilted UNITE 2017 to mark the team United.   Saturday morning came with a pleasant surprise, one we’ve patiently been waiting for, the official release of the first  Read More »

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New Justice League Teasers, Posters, Upcoming Trailer, and More

(DC/Warner Bros.)     Warner Bros. and DC are getting ready for their pivotal year in the DC Extended Universe. Some or many would say the success of the two films coming out this year will make or break the franchise. I guess there is some truth to that prediction/presumption.   The production company’s first  Read More »

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DC’s Justice League Film: Is it a Wrap?

(DC/Warner Bros.)     Warner Bros. and DC Films have been filming one of the next installments in the DC Extended Universe, Justice League (Part 1). The cast and crew have been filming since last year. Wonder Woman is another project that is in the post-production stage preparing for its release in June 2017. Justice  Read More »

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Justice League Movie News

(DC/Warner Bros.) never really scoops stories or are the first to report news like other sites. We are mainly interested in reporting/posting information regarding topics that interest us including but not limited to Movies, TV Shows, Comics, and Games. That being said I will give credit where credit is due. Screent Rant  Read More »

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