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Disney / Marvel Continue to Break Records

(Marvel/Disney)     The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment back in 2009. The studio also purchased Lucasfilm (George Lucas) who were the original owners/developers of the Star Wars franchise back in 2012. The Walt Disney Company was already considered a major player in the entertainment industry but these latest acquirements have pushed them to  Read More »

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Marvel’s Doctor Strange Wraps Filming

(Marvel)     Marvel is making heavy strides building it’s “Phase III” Cinematic Universe. With Captain America: Civil War approaching fast the successful comic book entertainment corporation is in full court press, pun intended. Massive marketing runs are making the rounds in the way of commercials, cast interviews, and there is way more coming this  Read More »

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Marvel’s Doctor Strange will be Spellbinding

(Marvel/Disney)     Doctor Strange has been filming for some time now in multiple locations including Nepal, UK, and recently New York. Over the past several weeks we have seen and heard quite a lot about the new Marvel film. Among the top of the news list is character details and casting additions. Rachel McAdams  Read More »

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