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The last five years have revealed a strong desire and ability, along with modern creative technology, to create and/or re-create fictional stories through different media for some of our favorite DC Comics/Entertainment (Warner Brothers) and Marvel Comics/Entertainment superheros such as Batman, Thor, X-Men, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Man of Steel (Superman).


One of TV most interesting and exillerating series in the past couple years (since Breaking Bad) is AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. Season 1 thru 5 were amazing viewing for cable/digital TV (most of the Seasons are Now available on Netflix) and the nail-biting continues as Season 6 is near it’s fall air date.  We are extremely excited about the upcoming season and the new spinoff ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is about to debut it’s first season this fall.


CW and Warner Brothers have also been on point with their series ‘ARROW’. Season 4 is currently in production and Oliver Queen and company are getting ready for more surprises about to unfold in Starling City. Rumor has it that new characters will be introduced this coming season, villans and fellow heros alike. DC fan favorite The Flash (Barry Allan) finished its first season with a huge bang just before the summer began. This new series kept the foot on the pedal the entire way. Absolutely outstanding. Season 2 will be airing around the same time as ‘ARROW’ on the CW.


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