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Batman Batsuit Evolution


Another year has gone by and we are again celebrating one of DC Comics most iconic and celebrated superhero: The Dark Knight himself – Batman. What makes Batman so special or super is that the simple fact that he doesn’t have any gifted superpowers other than extreme intelligence and the willingness to put the city of Gotham and others above the wellbeing of himself.


We would like to thank creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger for creating the Batman character. Without them and the many actors and comic book illustrators & writers of the past (and honestly the present) we would not be where we are today. Batman has grown immensely in popularity over the years exploding into a vision that would not be thought possible in the beginning. To celebrate the day of Batman we are posting tweets and images from the industries well-wishers and contributors alike.


Over on social media, director of Batman v Superman and Justice League Zack Snyder celebrates Batman Day by honoring Ben Affleck branding him the director’s favorite on-screen version of the Dark Knight.


Zack Snyder 2017 Batman Day Wish


Others show their appreciation for the day in celebration.




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Harley Quinn is celebrating her 25th anniversary this year. Be sure to wish your fellow Batman enthusiasts a Happy Batman Day.


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