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The Flash: Will the Black Flash Return

(CW/DC/Warner Bros.)

CW The Flash Logo


The CW’s and DC’s fastest man alive is about to return for its third season and its about to break wide open. The end of Season 2 earlier this year left viewers and fans speechless with the twists and surprises, many of which contributed to the Flashpoint story arc. Barry’s selfish move at the end of the finale to go back and save his mother from certain death created an alternate universe that left Barry smack in the middle of a completely different reality where he is a stranger among familiar faces and people he considers family.


With the Flashpoint story front and center and how things left off in last season’s finale several questions come to mind. Toward the end of Season 2 Zoom’s (Teddy Sears) intentions became clear – travel the universe throughout multiple timelines and continue to grow his powers by killing off every version of the Flash. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who you were rooting for, these actions came with consequences and the Time Wraiths took notice – transforming Zoom into what appeared like the Black Flash. Black Flash is an actual character from DC Comics who is considered as the Dark Aspect of the Speed Force. The Black Flash fullfils the role of death to speedsters within the DC Universe. Although the transformation was not stated or clear but it can be implied at this juncture.


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Gotham Season 3 Changes and Beyond


Fox Gotham Season3


Gotham is about to embark on it third season for FOX and news of changes coming are nothing but exciting. There are loads of things happening in the show beginning from where Season 2 left off. “The Wrath of the Villains” held some weight to it with the introduction of Hugo Strange (BD Wong) who monopolized the perversion of wild experiments and Indian Hill. Strange is widely know in the comics as a brilliant nemesis of Batman’s who is constantly stirring up problems for the city of Gotham.


Season 3 will properly introduce Dr. Strange’s masters know as The Court of Owls who have been pulling the strings from beneath the shadows. The death of Martha and Thomas Wayne will be further explored in the coming season and the Court of Owls will undoubtedly be front and center throughout the continuing investigation by Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Bruce Wayne himself (David Mazouz).


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Star Wars Actor Kenny Baker Passes Away


Star Wars R2 D2


An iconic actor from the Star Wars family has recently passed away. Actor Kenny Baker who was known for many roles throughout his career portrayed the beloved R2-D2 character in the Star Wars franchise films which included the original trilogy “A New Hope”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return of the Jedi”. Baker also starred in the prequel projects “Phantom Menace”, “Attack of the Clones”, and “Revenge of the Sith”. Other credits include “Flash Gordon” and “The Muppet Show”.


The entire Star Wars community has been affected by the recent unfortunate news. R2-D2 quickly became a household name after his first appearance in the first Star Wars film “A New Hope” back in 1977. The firecracker of a robot became a favorite among fans after seeing his unique interaction with new owner Luke Skywalker and mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi. It was R2-D2 who secretly held the plans for the Death Star given to him by Princess Leia.


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Aquaman Solo Film: Villain Black Manta

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Aquaman Black Manta


Warner Bros. and DC are moving full steam ahead despite all of the controversy over the stables recent offerings – (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and recently Suicide squad). Both fans and critics have dragged these films through the mud to a varying degree. Everyone has a right to their opinion and in some aspects may have truth to them. We aren’t going into that debate. So far the Suicide Squad has hit high marks and is currently shattering box office records. Only time will tell how well the film does throughout the next several weeks. Projections still seem somewhat positive.


The company’s film projects remain focused around building the DCEU over the next 5 years. One of the upcoming projects that WB/DC are excited about, outside the Justice League and Wonder Woman films, is the Aquaman solo movie. The return of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman has the industry and fans buzzing. Recent behind the scenes pics of Jason jamming on the guitar and tweets about how great the guy is to work with (and how much fun he is on set) are only the icing on the cake. What little we seen of Arthur (Jason) in Batman v Superman left us wanting to know more about the character and how he will be represented in a live action film.


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Suicide Squad Opening Weekend

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad or Task Force X made their live action debut on screen this week looking to score $140 million on its opening weekend. Thursday evening pulling in $20 million domestically from preview screenings. Friday night screenings raked in a gross of $65.1 million – includes dollars from Thursday’s screenings per Box Office Mojo. All of this bodes well for Warner Bros. as the film is already breaking box office records – blowing up the August opening day history books. Guardians of the Galaxy held the previous record for August opening day.


Despite the early negative reviews by the usual suspects (critics) the film is on its way to a successful opening weekend and hopefully a long and meaningful run for the summer. Suicide Squad is also doing well internationally contributing to the worldwide total of $129.7 million. The relentless and sophisticated marketing campaign is certainly paying off. The films production budget is roughly $175 million, not counting marketing costs, and will be recouped by the end of the week if not the weekend.


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SE Contest: Comic Book Subscription

( Comics)



In celebration for the upcoming DC franchise film Suicide Squad and Marvel’s Doctor Strange we are proud to present Supernatural-Entertainment’s second contest of 2016. The rules are very simple. Please submit your full name and email address with city and state or country where you reside. The winner will be selected by a randomizer program and the results will be posted on the website.


The contest will begin on August 1st and end on August 31st, 2016. Results will be posted here at SE on September 3rd. The post will reach our followers and supporters on Facebook and Twitter.


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DC Entertainment: Geoff Johns is the New President

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Entertainment Geoff Johns


Warner Bros. has recently promoted Geoff Johns to president of DC Entertainment as they continue to reorganize the executives handling its DC movies.


Johns retains the chief operating officer title and continues to report to DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson. Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee also report to Nelson.


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Supergirl: Superman’s Newest Look

(CW/DC/Warner Bros.)


CW Supergirl Logo


Several weeks ago, CW/DC announced that Everybody Wants Some! and Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin had been cast in the role of Superman on (now) The CW’s Supergirl. This past weekend Hoechlin was at Comic-Con promoting the show among the rest of show’s cast. Fans saw plenty of Tyler at the convention but were not privy-ed to the hero’s newest look.


This weekend we get our first real look at Hoechlin’s Superman, pictured here with cousin (Kara/Supergirl).


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Arrow: Season 5 Changes and Casting

(DC/Warner Bros.)


CW ARROW Season4


Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has taken to Twitter to reveal that Arrow Season 5 has officially begun production and that the Season 5 premiere will be titled “Legacy.” Recent interviews with the cast and show runners have indicated that there are a lot of changes coming in season 5 and it all begins with going back to the roots of the series. The ratings for last season fell somewhat from prior seasons and are not where they were in the initial seasons. Part of the decline may be attributed to the flashbacks and how they unfolded throughout the season. Some have said they were a bit choppy and not very cohesive. Season 5 promises to utilize these flashbacks in a way that counts and helps tell the story and not force them as much.


Another significant change will be in the cast. There are several new characters slated for season 5 and it is ALL positive. First up is Cody Rhodes (aka Stardust) from the WWE wrestling community. Rhodes will be playing an adversary to star Stephen Amell (The Green Arrow). Ironically the two came to blows (not really fighting) during a guest appearance for the WWE by Amell. Another new cast addition is Rick Gonzalez as Wild Dog who is a former Marine that is pretty reckless and known fore using brutal force. Will this be a new vigilante in Star City during season 5 fulfilling rumors of past discussions with the showrunners. Now that Damien Darhk has met his demise there will undoubtedly be more threats to Team Arrow. We now know that Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) will become a show regular and previous statements in an interview indicated that he may be suiting up as Mr. Terrific sometime this season. With Team Arrow broken and divided Holt stepping into permanent position can only make them stronger as a team…those who are left from the end of Season 4.


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Doctor Who: Matt Smith May Return

(BBC America)


BBC Doctor Who Season11


Doctor Who is probably one SE’s favorite TV series of all time. The original series began in back in 1969 and ran for more than 25 years straight. It was first created for the English television station BBC by Sydney Newman spanning several seasons with different/individual versions of the Doctor just as the current version of the series does today. Each Doctor traveled to and from the ends of the universe meeting unusual characters and species alike including the notorious Daleks and Cybermen. After nearly a fifteen year break the television studio rejuvenated the series which kicked off again in 2005. Since then we have seen several amazing actors playing regenerated versions of the Doctor over an eleven year period. Peter Capaldi is the shows current Doctor and has been so for the past three seasons. He is currently shooting the tenth season for the rebooted series along with his newest companion Pearl Mackie as Bill.


Well there has been a lot of talk lately about a possible return from the Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith once Peter leaves the show. Showrunner Steven Moffat has commented that Matt has expressed great interest in returning to the show. Of course all of this is pure discussion and uncertainty at this point as nobody has signed on the proverbial dotted line. We can only be hopeful at this juncture but it is very encouraging that Matt would entertain the possibility and the fact that the option is being discussed.


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