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WB-DC Justice League Film New Trailer – SDCC

(DC/Warner Bros.)


WB DC Justice League Panel SDCC


Warner Bros. and DC along with several key cast members of the Justice League film unveiled the latest official trailer (#2) for the entertainment company’s’ most anticipated project to date…following an impressive Wonder Woman project by Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins.


Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, and Jason Momoa were all present during the reveal. Attendees from the Panel in Hall H and social media have been absolutely buzzing following the preview of the latest trailer. Key words in said social media posts heavily leaned towards “blown away”, “amazing”, and much much more. It’s safe to say, all reservations that Zack Snyder and company are/were not capable of making a film of this caliber have been laid to rest.


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Sideshow and Hot Toys at 2017 San Diego Comic Con


SDCC 2017 Logo


The ever so popular and elegant collectible(s) masterminds Sideshow and Hot Toys have amassed a generous (using the term lightly) collection of product that is on display this year at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), oh and wow it is incredible!!! I’m merely judging on what I see in the pictures alone. Definitely wish I was there.


If you are lucky enough to be there in person stop by Booth #1929 where you will see brand new product from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and much more. For the Sideshow stock, you’ll get your first look at the new J. Scott Campbell Abbey Chase Premium Format Figure from Danger Girl, encounter Death in the mortal realm with the immersive Court of the Dead display, and go on a bug hunt with our Alien Queen Maquette and her Xenomorph spawn, just to name a few.


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Tampa Bay Comic Con is Here Again


Tampa Bay Comic Con


Tampa isn’t a stranger to the entertainment industry as the Bay Area pays host to its sports teams and their (sometimes lavish) events, holds multiple Fairground celebrations, routinely schedules plays, musicals and art festivals, peppered comic relief shows throughout the area, and we don’t want to leave out the occasional music concerts held at the various arenas. But the buck doesn’t stop there. The Comic Convention industry is another area of entertainment where the city has firmly secured itself on the map. The Tampa Bay Comic Con has been putting on these events for several years and it continues to grow in quality and quantity each year. They started out in a small to mid-sized hotel and within a couple years outgrew the space moving on to the inevitable resting place of the Tampa Convention Center – downtown.


The Tampa Bay Comic Con host company Imaginarium puts on conventions in multiple cities around the Unites States: Tampa, Indiana and yes California. I wouldn’t be surprised if they branch out into other states/cities over the coming years. The Tampa Bay Comic Con (TBCC) is one of Florida’s larger conventions and is Tampa’s largest.


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Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker is the New Doctor

(BBC America)


BBC Doctor Who Season9


The past 12 years has seen its share of notable actors take up the mantel as the heroic Doctor. The latest run has been provided by Peter Capaldi who ironically is the 12th Doctor. Capaldi is the oldest version of the Doctor since the series revival back in 2005. His version of the time traveler has captained the Tardis for 3 full seasons and at least as many Christmas Specials.


The time has officially come for a new Doctor to take up the reigns and pilot the TARDIS. Capaldi officially announced he was leaving the showback in January 2017. Since then there has been plenty of speculation as to who might serve as his replacement. The list was somewhat long and had quite a diverse crowd of thespians jockeying for the to speak. Ethnics, age, gender and even planet/origin were on the minds of writers and showrunners – Stephen Moffat and now Chris Chinball who is taking his pace as showrunner.


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Supergirl Season 3: Erica Durance Steps in as New Alura Zor-El

(DC/Warner Bros.)


CW Supergirl


The CW (old WB) network will see the return of a familiar face on their hit series Supergirl. DC veteran actress Erica Durance who played the notorious Lois Lane on Smallville will step in to replace Laura Benanti as Kara’s mother Alura Zor-El.


Laura unfortunately will not be able to continue portraying her dual character (Alura and her sister Astra – Kara’s unstable Aunt) due to other commitments on Broadway. Benanti gave a strong performance playing both characters including the interactive hologram of Alura who provided supportive advice to Kara during her time of struggle with her Aunt Astra. Both parties are sorry to see the departure but everyone is thrilled that Erica is able to come aboard and deliver her own version of the character.


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DC & WB: Batgirl Film Possible Lead Candidates

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Batgirl Film


Back in March Warner Bros. announced that Joss Whedon will be directing the upcoming DCEU film Batgirl. This will be the characters first live action solo film and should be strong follow-up to Wonder Woman’s first female lead role.


There is no official release date yet for the film but plans are undoubtedly moving forward (slowly at the moment). Once Whedon has finished the Justice League re-shoots he should be able to dedicate more of his time into the film’s development. It is no surprise (by now) that Whedon has stepped in to help director Zack Snyder finish out the Justice League film since he departed from the captain’s chair due to the loss of his daughter.


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Spider-Man Sequel Takes Place After Avengers 4



Marvel Sony Spiderman Homecoming


The most recent plan sets up Avengers 4 to bookend the current MCU – with Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 picking up where the latest Avengers film leaves off. Homecoming is considered a major landmark within the MCU and pushes Marvel’s most iconic superhero back into the spotlight once again. The film’s planned success will undoubtedly put the webslinger on top, once again cementing Disney and Marvel’s future in the vast superhero universe.


Marvel has a plan that continues to shape the MCU and it extends well beyond the Avengers: Infinity War. There are several films that take place leading up to the latest planned Avengers (4) project. But of course this is not the final resting place for Disney/Marvel and who knows…Sony. We obviously do not know what happens in the Avengers 4 film yet but are somewhat certain that Spider-Man will continue to flourish especially with the Homecoming follow-up potentially leading a whole new set of heroes into battle.


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Justice League Film Trailer #2 Rumors

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Justice League Film Logo


The latest from the Warner Bros./DC Rumor mill comes to us via Reddit’s sub community, r/DCEUleaks, where a user claims to have details on the next or second official Justice League trailer.


Those of us who are up to date with the WB/DC films (starting with Man of Steel) know that the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice showed Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman being buried in two separate locations, one being the unofficial resting place alongside father Jonathon Kent. The final scene revealed a cliffhanger with the dirt that (possibly newly accepted fiancé) Lois Lane threw over the casket beginning to rise.


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Disney signs Ron Howard to direct Han Solo film



Disney Star Wars Han Solo film


Disney and Lucasfilm have recently had to deal with a critical issue on the set of Disney/Lucasfilm’s Han Solo Anthology film. Co-Directors Phil Lord and Chrisopher Miller were relieved of duty this past week due to irreconcilable differences between the directors and Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy and co-screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan both longtime contributors for the Lucasilm brand. This came to a huge surprise to many as the production work was nearly coming to a close.


Parting ways due to creative differences is not something new in the film industry but to happen this late in the game is almost unheard of.


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Happy Father’s Day

All of us at Supernatural (SE) would like to wish all of the Fathers and Grandfathers a very Happy Father’s Day.


Found this holiday “quote” online that felt somewhat appropriate:


“Wishing all those special fathers a day filled with all the things that give you a warm and happy feeling and leave you with bright memories to look back through the year.”


Happy Fathers Day


Enjoy your special day…


Staff (SE)

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