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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere



AMC The Walking Dead Season7


The season premiere of the long-running and ever popular series The Walking Dead airs tonight on AMC to the world of anxious viewers and fans. It feels like an eternity since last season’s final episode that left millions on the edge of their seats wondering who was/is the unfortunate member who received the beat down by Negan and his lovely Lucille. There has been plenty of speculation, since the season finale, as to who was/is the one who received that horrible beating. It is always interesting to read fan’s point of view and reasoning for their choice of that unfortunate character.


Let’s look back and quickly review what happened last season and where things may potentially pick up from (hopefully where we left off last season) on tonight’s episode.


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Doctor Who: Season 10 will see more ‘Alien’ Doctor

(BBC America)


BBC Doctor Who Season10


Doctor Who held their first New York Comic Con panel this weekend that included cast Peter Capaldi, show newbie – Pearl Mackie, and Matt Lucas. Showrunner, for now, Stephen Moffat and producer Brian Minchin were also in attendance. Fans were treated to some behind the scenes footage from this year’s superhero-themed Christmas Special.


Speaking of the Christmas Special, the Doctor will not return for Season 10 until Spring of 2017 which actually isn’t that far off. In fact, when asked about the coming season at the NYCC Moffat only had this to say, “I can promise you it’s really quite different.” Upon his return fans and new viewers will see more rejuvenation – or regeneration this coming season. The Twelfth Doctor finds himself a new companion as he’s been doing the solo thing since the departure of Clara Oswald last season.


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Hurricane Matthew Relief




Only days ago a massive powerful Hurricane named Matthew unleashed its power on several countries (islands) in the Atlantic Ocean leaving a path of destruction and devastation. It is about a full week later and Matthew is still affecting the east coast of the southern states along the US coast.


It is quite clear that one of the first countries deeply affected by the hurricane is Hati. The full scale of the devastation in rural parts of storm-hit Haiti became transparent as the death toll soared to nearly 900 three days after Hurricane Matthew levelled huge parts of the country’s south.


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DC’s Justice League Film: Is it a Wrap?

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Justice League Film Logo


Warner Bros. and DC Films have been filming one of the next installments in the DC Extended Universe, Justice League (Part 1). The cast and crew have been filming since last year. Wonder Woman is another project that is in the post-production stage preparing for its release in June 2017. Justice League will follow later in the year hit theatres in November 2017.


Throughout the filming of the Justice League both cast a crew (mainly their director Zack Snyder) have teased/posted set photos ranging from off-set shenanigans, to a King of the Sea (Jason Momoa) hangin out jamming on the guitar. and Jim Gordon (J. K. Simmons) sideling up to the Bat Signal in a black/white shot on a rooftop. A recent post on Instagram by Momoa himself hinted that the film’s Wrap Up Party was to be celebrated last night. Unfortunately, he was able to attend due to a prior engagement that may be tied to the film’s Icelandic scene filming.


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Interested in becoming a writer for SE?


News SE Solicit Bloggers Writers (SE) is actively looking for part time to semi full-time bloggers for their blog site. Mark Kovach is the main writer for SE at the moment and his current career (day job) takes up quite a bit of his time. In an attempt to keep the content fresh on a consistent and more routine basis we are soliciting like-minded supernatural enthusiasts with the desire to share their knowledge and point of view on a wide range of subjects.


If you are interested in writing for the site, please email us here with a little history about yourself along with a sample of your writing along with the topics/subjects you are interested in writing for. Please try to keep the blog/posts under seven (7) paragraphs.


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Marvel: Luke Cage Series Released on netflix



Marvel Luke Cage


Marvel is on a hot streak with its movies, animated films, and TV series. Last year Marvel/Disney teamed up with Netflix to initially release two Marvel superhero TV series. The first was Daredevil which many thought would be disastrous, at first, somewhat like the movie. Well it so happens this was nowhere near the results. In fact, it turned out to be amazingly successful. The reviews were nothing but positive and Charlie Cox’s performance captured the audiences to no end.


Following the success of its first season Marvel and Netflix moved forward with their second project titled Jessica Jones. This might have been considered a gamble to some with a female led superhero TV series. Again that did not turn out as people anticipated. Jessica Jones freshman season was also successful in the eyes of fans and Marvel/Disney/Netflix executives. It is working towards a second season with the return of Jon Bernthal’s Rick Castle (The Punisher) and David Tennent (Purple Man).


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Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Movie

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders


Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is the latest animated superhero film produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Originally intended to be released on direct to home video, the film based on the 1960s Batman TV series that will premiere at this year’s New York Comic Con in October 16th, will be followed by a simultaneous release in theaters later in the month.


This project is significant for the production company featuring iconic thespians Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar all who are reprising their roles of Batman, Robin, and Catwoman from the 1960s TV series. This is a long overdue reprisal that many would agree will bring back some great memories of sitting in front of the TV with your family, and or friends watching your favorite crime fighters take down Gotham’s notorious villains on a daily or weekly basis.


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Master Race Batman Statue by Andy Kubert

(DC Comics)


DC Comics Batman Statue by Andy Kubert


This Batman statue is by no means a new product by DC Comics but I recently received my personal collectible and had to dote on it a little. It pretty much goes without saying that Andy Kubert is one of my favorite artists, especially for the Batman character. Frank Miller and Andy Kubert have always produced exceptional material be it books and/or figures/statues.


This DC Comics porcelain statue is from the Dark Knight III designer series titled The Master Race Batman by Andy Kubert, and it screams toughness and serious badass-ery. What I mean is that the statue has terrific proportions with forceful exaggerated features such as the hands, arms and legs. The mixture of soft colors on the grey suit and yellow utility belt are well complimented by the black cape and stern expression of his face in the cowl. The pose certainly exhumes confidence with highly visible evidence as to why Batman is Gotham City’s protector.


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Justice League: Batman’s Tactical Suit Revealed

(DC/Warner Bros.)


DC Justice League Film Logo


Social Media has become a major player in the movie industry and is the preferred way for introducing major reveals for the film’s character, sets, or even filming locations. Warner Bros. and DC film director Zach Snyder is no different. Throughout the filming of Batman v Superman Snyder cleverly released sneak peek photos of the characters in their suits and the toys they would be playing with throughout the movie.


During the filming of Batman v Superman we caught our first glimpse of the new Batman (Ben Affleck) standing next to the new Batmobile inside an abandoned warehouse. This sparked various speculation as to what the actual colors of the suit would be which only drew more attention to the film and Warner Bros./DC as well as Affleck himself. Clear and complete pictures of the Batmobile also surfaced via social media which furthered the pre-marketing intensity.


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Star Wars Rebels Season 3



Disney Star Wars Rebels Season3


We are roughly over a week away from Disney’s Star Wars Rebels Season 3 premiere on their own DisneyXD station. Fans are excited to follow their new rogue Rebel heroes as the Ghost crew embark on new journeys while Ezra Bridger continues his Jedi training.


The third season is expected to be as successful as season two, or better, and the anticipation is high with the addition of new characters and the return of some of our favorites. The arrival of villain Grand Admiral Thrawn is going to be a major draw for this season as well as newcomer, a creature who calls himself “The Bendu” who is voiced by a sci-fi favorite Tom Baker (Doctor Who). Kanan will turn to Bendu for advice who is surprisingly impartial to the mythological Force of Light and Dark.


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